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Automatic Industrial Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
This product is easy to use  and wheelchair friendly.
This product includes:
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • 5 L Sanitiser Bottle
  • 10 L Liquid Sanitiser
5 L Hand Sanitiser = 2500 sprays


R4900.00 incl VAT


*Excluding Delivery

**Manufactured on order

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Grid Zero Thermometer
Laser Digital Thermometer is widely used to measuring temperature of human body according to the principle of receiving infrared.  When using, it is only required to align the detection window to measure the body temperature quickly and accurately.
Contact us for data Sheet
R1800.00 incl VAT
*Excluding Delivery
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5 L Hand Sanitiser
Contains 75 % Alcohol
This Product is Highly flammable.
R400.00 incl VAT
*Excluding Delivery
**Manufactured on order

5 L Surface Disinfectant
Contains 70% Alcohol
Highly flammable.
R350.00 incl VAT
*Excluding Delivery
**Manufactured on order

Other sizes of Hand Sanitiser and Surface Disinfectant are available.  Contact us for more details.