Please note: Not all Android phone settings work the same.  Some settings may vary. Screen shots and steps are based on Huawei Android Devices

Determine you android version

1. Open Settings

screenshot (11)

2. Click on About Phone

screenshot (13)

3. Android Version

screenshot (12)

Other Android Devices

1. Open Settings App

2. Near the bottom tap System> Advanced > System Update

3. Your current Android version will show.

get the latest android updates

1. Open Settings

screenshot (11)

2. Click on System and Updates

screenshot (14)

3. Click on Check for Updates. You can also see your current installed version

screenshot (17)

4. If there is an update available.  Click on download and install.  Make sure your  device is fully charged or plugged in.


1. Open Settings App

2. Near the Bottom Tap System > Advanced > System Update

3. You will see our update status.  Follow any steps and prompts on screen

security updates

Most security updates happen automatically.  You can also check if there are updates available b following the below steps:


1. Open Settings App

2. Tap Security

3. Check for Updates:

* To check for Security Update availability, tap on Security Update

* To Check for Google Play System Update availability, tap on Google Play System Update

4. Follow any further steps on the screen.

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